About Yoga

"The Yogic system is not a philosophy, ideology, religion or even a teaching. It is just a user's manual for the human mechanism to function at it's highest possible level" - Sadhguru

Yoga is an ancient Indian science. There are various methods and styles of Yoga available at Derekthedog Yoga Centre, it's just a matter of finding what classes work best for you. Our classes are practical, heart centred practices with focus on mindful self-enquiry, releasing, energising using traditional techniques. Both strong and restorative, keeping the form healthy, opening and light. The postures loosen joints and stretch muscles to improve posture, maintain strength and flexibility. The movements and exercises improve circulation and have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Breathing exercises boost energy, calm the nervous system and improve the efficiency of the bodily systems. Relaxation counteracts the effects of stress allowing the body to recharge. Our authentic methods support those interested in exploring more deeply by preparing the body for deeper meditative practices.

Yoga has become increasingly popular in the Western World, partly due to our search for physical fitness, and to our yearning for stillness and peace of mind. Classical Hatha Yoga uses the body in order to reach our maximum level of fitness and health. The techniques also guide us to see beyond our mental and emotional limitations. In simple terms this is Self-Realisation, Consciousness and Awareness.

"Real development occurs outside one's comfort zone" — Lama Olé Nydahl

"If you consciously hold an asana (posture), it can alter the way you think, feel and experience life. This is what Hatha Yoga can do" - Sadhguru