Prenatal Yoga

Wednesday evenings at 5.45-7.05pm
If you've reached this page and you're pregnant, then Congratulations!
The next term of Pregnancy Yoga classes start on Wednesday evenings 18th May 2022. If you've had your first scan then you're welcome to join the class. These are drop-in classes so it's fine to join mid-term. Classes are generally quite small but can vary each week. We ask that you book if you're planning to come for the first time. Just wear something comfortable.
No previous Yoga experience is necessary to join our weekly drop-in pregnancy Yoga classes, from 12 weeks to birth.
Practicing Yoga during pregnancy is one of the best things and woman can do for herself and her baby.
Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a warm and supportive environment to guide you safely through every stage of pregnancy, preparing you for labour and birth.
The postures and movements are designed to keep the body feeling open & free, safely keep joints moving without over stretching while moving & maintaining posture, strength and an all round sense of wellness . The exercises improve circulation & have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Breathing exercises boost energy, calm the nervous system, improve the efficiency of the bodily systems & can be most beneficial during labour. Relaxation counteracts the effects of stress and helps improve sleep to allow the body to recharge.
Each mother deserves to be nurtured and cherished during her pregnancy.
The classes aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to address common pregnancy ailments and potential physical, mental or emotional obstacles, giving you the confidence and strength to bring new life into the world.
Many women start Yoga when they're expecting. Full instruction and guidance is given on all movement and postures. I tend to highlight anything that may seem challenging at first and generally help to offer useful techniques to help women deal with the various types of discomfort that being pregnant can bring. Also tried and tested breathing techniques and movements to help mums remain calm and relaxed as possible through out labour.
Stress free mum = happy baby!💞
Fran has been teaching Pregnancy Yoga since 2003 and brings a quality of peaceful joy with her wealth of experience and knowledge to these classes.
Postnatal: We also run follow on Mum and baby Yoga classes on Thursday mornings with Alice.
For more info contact Fran:
Tel:01392 255031
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