The Sound of Sanskrit ~ The Language of Yoga Course


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We will be chanting, sounding, meditating, philosophising and looking at the inextricable link between Sanskrit and yoga.

The course:
- Experience the meditative quality of the 16 vowel sounds, known as the ‘divine mothers’.
- Learn how to sound the bīja mantraḥ ~ experience their transformative power.
- Chant sections of the Yoga Sūtra, the major philosophical text of yoga.
- Learn how mantraḥ works ~ the theory of the four pada.
- Discover the four stages of speech and the significance of the gross, subtle and causal in the Sanskrit language.
- Learn to pronounce the Sanskrit alphabet, āsana names, and Gods and Goddesses.
- The origins of the Sanskrit language: the śiva Sūtras.
- Vedic chants including the Gāytrī Mantraḥ.



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