Curvy Ladies Yoga Course

Curvy Ladies Yoga Course
with Fran Allen

A seven week course
Fran for more info

Suitable for All Levels, No Experience Necessary..
Yoga is good for EVERYONE no matter what size or shape. Be confident in the skin you're in, because it's the only body you have, the only place that is solely yours. Come experience for yourself the wide range of therapeutic benefits. Breathing exercises boost energy; calm the nervous system and improve the efficiency of your bodily systems. Relaxation counteracts the effects of stress & prepares the body for deeper meditative practices. Celebrate your beautiful curves and allow feeling amazing to be your only unit of self measurement. Love the body you have NOW! And give it the love it deserves!

Price per person, per course £60 (members £25)

A deposit of £20 is required to reserve your place.
Enquiries & Reservations: tel: 01392 255031