Workshops and events

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Sunday 29th April : 'Ancient Wisdom - for Modern Times' with Fran Allen
10am - 2.30pm - £40 (£10 to secure your place)

Time to breathe and explore the hidden depths of awakening through these ancient psychophysical practices and method of well-being and clarity. Patanjali 2:1-4 refers to this as 'Kriya Yoga', How our Yoga practice transfers from the yoga-mat into our daily lives.

For practitioners & teachers interested, Contact for details  (All levels welcome) 

* Morning practice of Hatha Yoga, a guided self-enquiry exploring 'Nadis' through the ancient maps of the Yogis, how to approach our practice to develop fearlessness and joy, including Asana, Kriya, Pawanmuktasana, Mudra, Bandha, Pramayama, Meditation and Relaxation.
* We will take time a for a cuppa & simple bring & share veggie snack and have a guided discussion on ‘Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 2:1-4' How the yogic maps of the energy body can assist us to prepare us for more subtle practices, and how we can benefit from working with our emotions in daily life. 
* Finishing with simple pranayama (breathing) techniques, and guided relaxation.

Contact: Fran at Derekthedog
Phone: 01392 255031